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Product Name Product Code Country/Region Language Date Business Type
Aral Aralub FDP 00456133HungaryHungarian (HU)17 Oct 2006N/AMSDS
Aral BasicElastic 15W-40456316HungaryHungarian (HU)14 Nov 2011N/AMSDS
Aral Blue Tronic II 10W-40470643HungaryHungarian (HU)18 Mar 2024N/AMSDS
Aral BlueTronic 10W-40463188HungaryHungarian (HU)17 Nov 2022N/AMSDS
Aral Bremsfluessigkeit HS DOT 4456288HungaryHungarian (HU)28 Aug 2014N/AMSDS
Aral Deganit B 100456165HungaryHungarian (HU)06 Feb 2017N/AMSDS
Aral Degol BG 100456197HungaryHungarian (HU)20 Mar 2013N/AMSDS
Aral Degol BG 150456198HungaryHungarian (HU)15 May 2006N/AMSDS
Aral Degol BG 220456199HungaryHungarian (HU)15 May 2006N/AMSDS
Aral Degol CL 150 T459933HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Sep 2007N/AMSDS
Aral ExtraTurboral 10W-40456250HungaryHungarian (HU)10 Dec 2012N/AMSDS
Aral Fliessfett N456277HungaryHungarian (HU)12 Mar 2020N/AMSDS
Aral Fluid HGS 80W456292HungaryHungarian (HU)15 Feb 2022N/AMSDS
Aral Getriebeoel HYP 80W456211HungaryHungarian (HU)27 Jan 2014N/AMSDS
Aral Getriebeoel HYP SYNTH 75W-90406068HungaryHungarian (HU)18 Mar 2014N/AMSDS
Aral Getriebeoel SNA-B 80W-140456200HungaryHungarian (HU)26 Mar 2013N/AMSDS
Aral Getriebeoel SNS-B 75W-80456191HungaryHungarian (HU)19 Aug 2008N/AMSDS
Aral GigaTurboral 10W-40457470HungaryHungarian (HU)27 Jun 2008N/AMSDS
Aral HighTronic 5W-40467316HungaryHungarian (HU)28 Mar 2023N/AMSDS
Aral HighTronic F 5W-30456182HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Nov 2022N/AMSDS
Aral HighTronic G 5W-30467221HungaryHungarian (HU)27 Aug 2020N/AMSDS
Aral HighTronic J 5W-30466947HungaryHungarian (HU)11 Jul 2023N/AMSDS
Aral HighTronic M 5W-30467452HungaryHungarian (HU)05 Dec 2011N/AMSDS
Aral HighTronic M 5W-40467457HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Oct 2022N/AMSDS
Aral HighTronic R 5W-30466927HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Nov 2022N/AMSDS
Aral LHM +456140HungaryHungarian (HU)26 Mar 2013N/AMSDS
Aral MegaTronic 5W-50456132HungaryHungarian (HU)25 Mar 2011N/AMSDS
Aral MegaTurboral 10W-40456130HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Nov 2022N/AMSDS
Aral MegaTurboral LA 10W-40463176HungaryHungarian (HU)31 May 2023N/AMSDS
Aral Mehrzweckfett F456318HungaryHungarian (HU)03 May 2019N/AMSDS
Aral Mehrzweckfett456317HungaryHungarian (HU)17 Nov 2022N/AMSDS
Aral MultiElastic 15W-40456124HungaryHungarian (HU)28 Jun 2021N/AMSDS
Aral MultiElastic Diesel 15W-40457739HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Oct 2011N/AMSDS
Aral MultiTurboral 15W-40456123HungaryHungarian (HU)01 Apr 2014N/AMSDS
Aral Multrol G 100456366HungaryHungarian (HU)12 Nov 2013N/AMSDS
Aral PlusTurboral 15W-40456109HungaryHungarian (HU)19 Jul 2013N/AMSDS
Aral Radlagerfett456374HungaryHungarian (HU)24 Jan 2019N/AMSDS
Aral Sulnit CC 5456397HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Mar 2014N/AMSDS
Aral SuperElastic 10W-40456439HungaryHungarian (HU)12 Jul 2019N/AMSDS
Aral Supertronic Longlife III 5W-30463186HungaryHungarian (HU)18 Jul 2018N/AMSDS
Aral SuperTraktoral 10W-30456091HungaryHungarian (HU)01 Jul 2008N/AMSDS
Aral SuperTronic 0W-40463184HungaryHungarian (HU)23 Oct 2019N/AMSDS
Aral SuperTronic E 0W-30463348HungaryHungarian (HU)07 Dec 2023N/AMSDS
Aral SuperTronic K 5W-30469992HungaryHungarian (HU)13 Aug 2019N/AMSDS
Aral SuperTronic K 5W-30470247HungaryHungarian (HU)17 Jun 2024N/AMSDS
Aral SuperTronic LL IV FE 0W-20469571HungaryHungarian (HU)30 Jan 2024N/AMSDS
Aral SuperTronic LongLife III 5W-30469809HungaryHungarian (HU)21 Aug 2020N/AMSDS
Aral Tronic 15W-40463190HungaryHungarian (HU)30 Apr 2012N/AMSDS
Aral Vitam DE 10456359HungaryHungarian (HU)03 Mar 2021N/AMSDS
Aral Vitam DE 22456357HungaryHungarian (HU)25 Oct 2018N/AMSDS
Aral Vitam GF 46456342HungaryHungarian (HU)15 Jan 2019N/AMSDS
Aral Vitam GF 68456341HungaryHungarian (HU)11 Apr 2016N/AMSDS
Aral Vitam GX 68456336HungaryHungarian (HU)28 Jul 2006N/AMSDS
Aral Vitam VF 46456331HungaryHungarian (HU)18 Oct 2018N/AMSDS
Aral Vitamol 4004459948HungaryHungarian (HU)24 Nov 2010N/AMSDS
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